Optimizing flow of project delivery value

Using collaboration to optimize project flow and value delivery

We use SAFe Lean-Agile framework: a collaborative system for building new capabilities, optimizing value. It can be internal to the project team or used organization wide. We provide coaching, as required. Outlined below are the four foundations of our approach to optimizing project delivery.


Lean aligns "what we do" with "how to create value"

  • startup techniques explore problem opportunity
  • a growth machine is built starting with minimal viable product


Agile optimizes the flow of work for value creation

  • focused on working tested systems within a small batch window (two week iteration)
  • engagement of stakeholders in feedback on deliverables and planning

Facilitated Negotiation

Facilitated negotiation challenges us to deliver better results 

  • best practice negotiations challenge each group to understand their underlying interests and target a mutually acceptable solution with strong organizational buy-in.

Collaborative Contracting

Collaborative contracting will ensure our interests are aligned

  • we share project risk (no need to choose between fixed & T&M)
  • we are jointly accountable and have individual accountability
  • we offer predictability as required for planning & budgeting
  • we make firm commitments for batches of work
  • we evolve scope of the initiative based on project learnings

Call to action

We offer a basis to optimize the results of the challenging initiative you want delivered. We can start small, incrementally and proceed based on proven value. Let us know your challenge and we can go from there...