How we operate

Leadership and Decisions

Our value is wrapped up in our values and how we operate and lead.

We listen. We empower teams to facilitate the delivery of great results. We follow many of the principles of servant leadership. For instance, we rely on persuasion rather than positional authority. We convince rather than coerce. In a facilitated discussion, we ensure key parties are heard and understood. On decisions, we respect the autonomy of decision makers and look to drive a fair process and outcome for all parties. We target consensus, ensuring alternative perspectives are heard and decisions are understood. i.e. therefore also assuring informed consent of all parties. 

Driving quality outomes

We apply a set of principles that drive quality outcomes when pursuing opportunities: 

  • let the problem be the teacher
  • leverage data driven insights to learn and drive evidence/fact based decisions
  • ensure inclusive stakeholder engagement
  • explore options, celebrate differences and target consensus
  • test solutions against key outcomes, learn and repeat

Use patterns that work

The value of our experience is how we navigate and can leverage patterns that work. We 

  • are strong team-based problem solvers
  • establish patterns that work 
    • SAFe Agile-Lean approaches are our start-point default. And we compliment with traditional governance and delivery outputs as required.
  • recognize patterns required for successful delivery of business, infrastructure, ERP, security and software projects
  • empower teams - knowing how to work with technical & business teams
  • work an approach, a strategy down into its detail